Our team

Dominik Eckinger
Marketing and Sales Manager, CEO
Christian Prammer
Design Engineer and Projekt Manager Engine Construction, Associate
Ing. Rainer Feldmann
Automation and Projekt Manager Electrical Engineering, Associate

Who we are

We are a qualified and motivated team, specializing on the production of wakeboard and water ski lifts.

Due to an urge for self-fulfillment young Mr. Dominik Eckinger decided to found the business Loric, in cooperation with Mr. Rainer Feldmann and Mr. Christian Prammer.

Up to now water-skiers and wake boarders were pulled by motorboats. Due to economic reasons this is linked to huge efforts and that is the reason why the demand for fixed and mobile water lifts increased significantly.

It is our goal to give ambitious water- and winter sport enthusiasts an alternative opportunity to get moving.

Through re-intervention of already existing lift-techniques the main focus lies on introducing a much simpler and more intuitive product to the market and consequently to the customer.

Loric does not want to act as a competitor, but rather as a company which wants to succeed and survive in the market, and consequently further developing itself, by providing the option for expanding already existing 5-mast or circuit systems of well-known producers of branded articles.