Red Bull Wake of Steel 2014
Pulled by Loric GmbH!

Loric Wakeboard
Cable System


In 2013 we were able to develop a top class cable system, thanks to the great cooperation with "Shape Obtsacles". The "Gatewake", as it is called, was designed by the company Loric, and developed by bringing together high end construction techniques and the know-how of the wakeboard pro elite. The fact that it is a two-mast system makes it easy to handle and it can be built up almost anywhere. The only requirements are 4 anchor points as well as a minimum distance of 90 and a maximum distance of 250 meters (regardless whether it is built on water, snow or dirt). The Gatewake can be built up and used for wakeboarding, waterskating, snowboarding and even mountainboarding facilities.

It stands out clearly against other cable systems through its unique design and the use of high quality parts!